Sunday, November 25, 2018

1:72 ESCI "8th Army (My first small scale try!!)

       Yep ! Here comes the time to try my skills ( and my eyes!!) on this scale!I have lots of figures collected and I always had it in my mind. So I started with some familiar figures for me. I have painted 8th Army sometimes in the past so it would be easy for a start..
     These figures are from the 1983 ESCI set 207. Not the full set but just five figures.

       With this set I tried a new product also. The "Anti-Shine  Matt Varnish" for brush  from Army Painter Warpaints. Now I wonder how did I never try this in the past !!  I was always using spray varnishes and never was quite satisfied as now... I thing my problems are gone on this issue..:)

  I wan to say "Thank You" to all the small scale painters out there who had inspired my and motivate me all this time with their post and painting skills and make me wanna be a part of that scale :)

   Here are some close up pictures below from my first 1:72 figures. Criticize or advising comments are always welcomed!

 and one white and bright for the finale..!

    Thanks for watching and stay tuned for some more of these little fellows..:)

'Till next time..

Keep Up The Brushes!!!


  1. They look great - I thought they were 1/32nd at first. 1/72nd were my first figs way back when - painted up with gloss Testors enamels, didn't have access to matt/flat paint yet - very crudely done!

    1. Thanx Dean! I have no experience with enamels and I think that it must be very tricky paints..I'm happy very with acrylics :)

    2. Lol! It wasn't by choice. That's all they had back then :) Not to mention the fumes from the paint thinner.

    3. Aha! Thats what you do and you are so damn fast painting!!
      You are doped!! Like Obelix and it's magic potion..hahaha...


  2. klasse mein freund
    richtig top bemalt

  3. Hey George they look fantastic! Now you must paint the rest of the set!


    1. Thank you Peter! Unfortunatelly I don't have the rest of the set :)
      I had these figures in my spares box and started with them as a test!
      I'm working now on some British infantry , but also incomplete :(
      You'll see them in the next post!

      Regards, George.

  4. I remember these guys from my younger years, mine never looked that good

    1. Thanx Russ! You don't wan to see the figures from
      my younger years :)