Thursday, November 26, 2020

1:72 WWI figures for "Global War 1936" Board Game

Hi everyone, been long time since I've posted small scale figures, but all this time I've painted some figures and some of them I want to present here.

      Thanks to my friend Randall who commissioned these figures to me , I've learned about this nice boardgame, " Global War 1936",  but also helps me to upgrade my knowledge about WW1 and other Wartime periods, uniforms and equipment . 
     Of course the figures themselves are not representing each nation, but doing a research on uniform colours and types, I tried to match figures I already had in my stock to convert them. So as the uniform colours would match , you will see a lot of weapons and equipment that doesn't...
    The goal to be achieved, was to simulate the requested Nations and this was a bit of a headache. 
Finally I got some results and you can see some pictures of the finished painted figures below..

So, from left to right : Spain, Switzerland , Romania , Mexico , Bulgaria, Portugal.

Greece, Brazil, Sweden , Finland, Australia

Here it is a close up of the Australians with the beautiful roundel with the Kangaroo!!
It pop my eyes out ...:)  

An here you can see an older project of Chinese civil War and French WW1

Chinese Communist Troops

Chinese Nationalists

French WWII

 So, that's all for now ,with these little guys. Hope you like them and inspired you somehow!

Till next time..

Stay safe and healthy!

..and of course...

Keep Up The Brushes!!

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Lead Roman Gladiators 1:30 scale

      Another big scale commission for this week. Finished two weeks a go it's ti to display ...

      Here we got three metal-lead figures in 65mm, 1:30 scale of Roman Gladiators. I believe they are all of the class "Murmillo", correct me if I'm wrong.. Great figures with excellent detail. I will definitively paint some more of them in my higher standard in the future..

Many pictures here of the final result for your judgment and inspiration!



   That's all for now..Hope you like them and inspired you somehow :)

'Till next time..

Stay safe and Healthy !

...and of course....

Keep Up The Brushes!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Airfix Handmade Display Vignette 1:32

        Hello everyone! Covid restrictions continuing and we are in a general Lockdown again... I hope you are all healthy and safe. More patience we mast have and I hope ,all this will come to an end soon... 

       Back to my painting projects and again in my 1:32 WW2 favourite era. I made this small vignette for a friend before some weeks , and then, I thought why not, to put it on my shops as a custom order vignette for collectors or as a gift.


I've chosen the 4 most significant forces  of WW2 . So from left to right we have : 

US. Infantry , British Commando , Russian Infantry and of course German Infantry man.

 Also chosen action and shooting figures , rather than standing or running to give more power to the visual result. I'm thinking now for one display with the Officers of these sets. It would also be nice :)

      Many pictures below during the procedure and of course the final result in every angle :)

  That's all for today. I hope you like this small display and my post would be an inspiration to someone out there. Of course you can find this as a custom order on my shops :)

'till next time..thanks for watching,

Stay safe and healthy !

and of course...

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Thursday, October 29, 2020

GW, Lord Of The Rings "Gothmog On Warg" 28mm Finished & WIP

       Second post for this month and back again to 28mm scale and  "Lord of the Rings" game.
Last month I was working on a commission for several Mordor units and Heroes witch you'll be able to see in the future, but for today we will start with "Gothmog on Warg" !
 "The age of Men is over. The time of the Orcs has come!"

      Gothmog was a lieutenant of  Minas Morgul . He had the same name with  Gothmog, lord of  Balrog from the First Age.He is described as an Orc-general with a misshapen face and disable left hand. He commanded the forces of Morgul after the Lord of the Nazgûl was slain by Eowyn at the battle of Pelennor Fields. High ranked character in the Armies of Mordor .

      Here you can see what's in the package. There are two figures in the set . One is Gothmog on foot and the other is mounted on a Warg. The warg comes in four pieces and the whole mounted figure comes in six pieces . Foot figure is in two pieces.

 A lot of great details as it is in the " Finecast " issues , but also a lot of mould lines to cut out!
So I started with assembling and  left unassembled the head of Warg and the rider. If the head was clued then it would be difficult to paint the dead figures on the ground.( Next time I will paint the dead figures first and then I will glue the warg! )

       Some pictures now during the painting procedure . Of course many of the stages have not been captured due to the fever of painting :).

     Here I had a small problem with the mould. On open line has been left between the two parts.
The problem is solved with a generous amount of paint witch when dried closed the hole perfectly!


  And here it is the second problem of joints. The connection of the hand with the reins had a small distance and not matched in shape. Problem solved with some PVA glue and again some paint.

    ....and for the end some pictures of the finished figure and of course some artistic photos :) 

...that's all for now. Hope you like this post and I wish it would be an inspiration to someone :)

 'till next time, stay safe and healthy!
..and of course,,

Keep Up The Brushes!!