Sunday, October 21, 2018

Lord of the Rings ,Goblin Army part 3 "Archers"

Hi everyone!
       This is the 3rd part of my Goblins Of Moria army. Now only their captain "Gorbag" left to paint to finish the set!
       Lots of pictures below in black and white background again..

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Monday, October 1, 2018

Lord of the Rings ,Goblin Army part 2, "Swordsmen"

Hello to everyone and my wishes for a happy and productive October !

This is the second finished unit of my Goblins project! I left the Archers for the end as it is my favorite type! 

Not many words for it ,just many pics!

That's all for now! I still cannot decide which background fits better for these colors..
Hope you liked it and inspired someone out there..

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Lord of the Rings "Goblin Spearmen" - "My Red Devils!"

Hi there,

     the first unit is ready! Goblin Spearmen in red clothes. This time I choose a more intense color to make them look more bright and colorful than a realistic painting.. I will continue like this with the Archers and the Swordsmen so that they can form an army of similar colors. 
    Unfortunately I'm not very satisfied with the faces :( 
    I think it is time for a pair of glasses..Hahaha 

    Lots of pictures below to let you have the full prospective and detail..

  I hope I will come up with another post next weekend ...if all goes as planted..(nooot...)

'Till next time..

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Painting table update

Hi everyone!

  After a small period away from painting , one week a go , I started to plan my come back! As I was planing to do, late this May I started to paint the Airfix "British Commando" set. But unfortunately that's all of my progress......

     So now I wan to finish with them... But before that...I thought about painting something else to put my fingers (and my eyes!) back to business for good!
    As my friend Tiago (Middle Earth Minis) did some days a go( Hola Tiago) , I decided to start again with a classic painting of Lord of the Rings "Moria Goblins" !  So I search up my boxes and I come up with this ..

    Lots of beautiful ( ugly I would say..) little why not to have a mass painting and have them done all together ?

.......So  that's what I'll do :)

Some of the figures are poor painted or just primed, and they come bought from eBay years ago...

Here some more pictures of what you 'll see in the next posts..

By now I have already done the Spearmen and they will be on the blog this weekend (I hope so).

So, that's all for now  ,...I'm happy to be back on track again !! :)

'Till next time... Keep Up The Brushes !!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

American Militia Fig.5


    Hello everyone!

      Finally, yesterday  I found some time to  finish one more figure for  this set!

      Here are some picture of the project so far...

And here is the new one.


Thank you for your visit and I wish you all, a happy and productive week!

'Till next time ...  

Keep Up The Brushes!!