Thursday, January 28, 2021

Cherilea Indians 60mm - Repaint-Remodeling Part II

          Not much work has been done in this project since , the last months , a lot of other projects running on my painting table. Along with my first participation to the AHPC competition , not much time left for my collection..


          The only thing is the skin tones painting with Army Painters " Tanned Flesh" and washed with the Army Painter " Flesh Wash".  I could hold on my self and managed to finish two of them as a sample of the different colours and schemes. I can say that I'm happy with the first results..

Fancy and solid colours used to give the feeling of a "Toy Soldier" rather than a realistic model. 
Though a small shading and layering was applied for a more "Eye Satisfying" result..

 That's all for now. More to come soon (?).. Hope you like these two little Reds :)

 'Till next time...

Keep Up The Brushes!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Airfix 1:32 German Afrika "Corpse" - Zombie Soldier (!)

      Hi everyone! First post for 2021 and a Late " Happy New Year " .A Healthy and a creative year!

     Taking part on this years "Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge" my blog passes to a second place for posting. Of course some of my entries there will be posted here also.


     For this post I have a small conversion for you! This figure comes to me broken in this awkward ankle and the idea for a " Zombie-Sceleton" soldier comes in my mind easily when I needed "something that comes back to life" on a topic of the challenge:) . A small re-sculpting on the face and some extra damage on the clothes and my Zombie comes to life!!
   Next plan is to make an Army full of these! A splatter " Afrika Corpse " unit!!

 That's all for now! How you like my little Afrika "Corpse" figure :)

'Till next time...

Keep Up The Brushes!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Lord Of The Rings - Ugluk

   Hello everyone! 

    Last post for this strange and difficult year and I hope next year will cut COVID19 from our lives like Ugluk cuts he's opponents heads!!


 Some pictures below during the procedure. Hope to enjoy and be inspired :)

That's all for... this year !
Happy , Healthy and Creative 2021 to all the people.
'Till next... Year...
Keep Up The Brushes!!

Saturday, December 26, 2020

1:32 Cowboy in Duel - Unbranded, Repainting

        Merry Chrismas to everyone and may 2021 be a Happy , healthy and Creative New Year!!
 Lets hope that all this COVID situation will end within this new year and things get back to normal again..

     With this figure I returned to that set I have mentioned again in the past. A very nice unbranded set of Cowboys and Indians that copies classical poses of Airfix and possibly Marx(?) figures. These figures are in a big 1:32 scale ( about 58mm) and they are a bit simple in detail. But their asset is the faces! Great detailing and clear faces, a pleasure to paint..

  I'm also happy with the matterial witch is harder than Airfix an more difficult to bend. The primer and the paint stick on to it very well. I have painted one more of these cowboys in the past and you can find it in the post listing.
  The scull is scratch build by plasteline (!) and the base is a plain iron plate. I made the scull one day playing with my daughter and kept it for future use.  This figure was primed and ready to paint for some months and watching me every day from the shelf. 
   I'm also thinking adding this wooden base but I cannot decide. Your opinion might help :)

  Here's some more pictures on different ankle .


I will surely come back to that set as there are a lot more poses to paint. Hope you like it :)

That's all for now. 'Till next time...

Keep Up The Brushes

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Repainting - Remodeling , Cherilea 60mm Plastic "Indians"

       Hi everyone! A different topic for this week. Different era and scale. Been a long time since I got these figures and always had them in mind since I want to repaint them for my collection..


       So, here we have a small collection of vintage "Cherilea" 60mm ( about 1:30 scale) dated back in late 50s or early 60s. I couldn't find exact date of production ,so, if anyone has additional info please add them to the comments. 

      Cherilea was an English company founded in 1946 by W. Cherrington and John Leaver . They where both former designers in the famous JoHilCo company.They produced in hollow-cast lead until 1955 when they began doing plastic figures. The big 60mm figures was their asset in the 60s.


     So , at first the paint remains should be cleaned up and also to cut the mold lines. These figures was factory painted but this was one of the weak points of Cherilea. Many collectors complained for the easy paint loss of these figures. As a result, all the figures that survived until our times are almost unpainted. So the cleaning started...

This is the average condition of each figure. Some have more or less paint


 During the surgery operation..

.....and finaly,... I feel like I have resculpt these figures!!

Some very nicely detailed figures revealed after all cleaning! With enough wear though...
I hope I can correct that with painting.. 

.......and some restorations - conversions needed. 
I 've used parts from other damaged figures or creat some as with the axe made of sprue part..

and....Tadaaa!! They are ready for painting :) 

Out of 14 figures , these are the casualties that didn't make it to the painting table..
Although they give a hand (... or a feather..haha..) to the restoration of the others!! 
The right one that looks good is badly broken in the belt line.

To Be Continued!


I hope you enjoy this WIP post and inspired you somehow!

Till next time...

Keep Up The Brushes!!

Thursday, November 26, 2020

1:72 WWI figures for "Global War 1936" Board Game

Hi everyone, been long time since I've posted small scale figures, but all this time I've painted some figures and some of them I want to present here.

      Thanks to my friend Randall who commissioned these figures to me , I've learned about this nice boardgame, " Global War 1936",  but also helps me to upgrade my knowledge about WW1 and other Wartime periods, uniforms and equipment . 
     Of course the figures themselves are not representing each nation, but doing a research on uniform colours and types, I tried to match figures I already had in my stock to convert them. So as the uniform colours would match , you will see a lot of weapons and equipment that doesn't...
    The goal to be achieved, was to simulate the requested Nations and this was a bit of a headache. 
Finally I got some results and you can see some pictures of the finished painted figures below..

So, from left to right : Spain, Switzerland , Romania , Mexico , Bulgaria, Portugal.

Greece, Brazil, Sweden , Finland, Australia

Here it is a close up of the Australians with the beautiful roundel with the Kangaroo!!
It pop my eyes out ...:)  

An here you can see an older project of Chinese civil War and French WW1

Chinese Communist Troops

Chinese Nationalists

French WWII

 So, that's all for now ,with these little guys. Hope you like them and inspired you somehow!

Till next time..

Stay safe and healthy!

..and of course...

Keep Up The Brushes!!