Thursday, January 6, 2022

Airfix WW1 British Royal Horse Artillery 1:72


Happy New Year !!!

May 2022 be Happy  Creative Productive and above all  HEALTHY for all the world!!
Let's hope that next New Years Eve will find us all here and COVID as a bad dream...

       Taking the opportunity of the last post I would like to present here another Artillery set painted last year. ( No base this time). The classic Airfix set of "WW1 Royal Horse Artillery" .

       This set first released in 1968 and continue to the next decades. But the continuous production wears out the molds so the 80's and 90's sets are a bit scrappy regarding the mold lines and the material.. I had a real difficult time trying to clean these up... But finally did... :)

      I have found an older set and purchased it and the difference is 100% obvious. The material is also better and stronger than this rubbery plastic. Also have to say that all the new releases of these Airfix sets are having the same problems. I have painted British WW1 and French WW1 with excactly the same problems. are the remains of a day's job...hahaha

A good wash to clean all their sins.... sinking in the bottom of a .. tupper...


      ...and finally the painting stage. Here are some of my references.


    and the final result...I love these horses!! They turned out really good :)

.......and here is where I made the mistake to glue the riders on the right line of horses... 
Later I've been told that the riders always sit on the left line so they can control the right line horses with their right hand... Cleaver...

Another adventure in small scale and sure learned a lot from it. This set was for a commission but I have plans to repaint the set , now that I have the older version, and put it in a small diorama base.

Lesson to learn from this post: Be careful with the Airfix 90's issues. 
They might turn good at the end but...a lot of cleaning is needed :)

'Till next time...

Keep Up The Brushes!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Airfix Waterloo " British Horse Artillery" 1:72 Diorama


Hello everyone! My best wishes for a Happy Healthy and Creative 2022!!

   Last post for this year and I would like to end up 2021 with a project I did this summer and never posted here. This is another 1:72 diorama but with the figures on it this time.


   The figures are from the Airfix 1:72 " Waterloo British Artillery" set. This set comes to me with some missing poses and bits but the final outcome was quite good. The box is stated as HO/OO scale but the figures are close to 1:72 scale. Later issues were corected as 1:72.


Here are some references for the uniform and equipment that I used for this project.


      Some pictures during the procedure will follow, though I missed some parts...

     At first the base making . I've used some expanding foam spray for that covered with wood plaster 




 ....unfortunately I didn't take pictures of the rest of the flocking and basing  ..

...and here are some from the finished figures and horses

testing the set up....

.....and finaly the result finished flocked , glued and varnished..

One year a go , I wasn't much of a small scale fan. I cannot tell that right now...

I have worked on some 1:72 projects these last year and I have concluded that this scale is quite addictive and great to work with...Also very handy for collectors as it takes way less space than my favorite 1:32. I have already started to keep some sets for my collection...When I will find the time to paint them is another big story.....

That's all for this year. One more year that I stay behind my goal for this blog regarding to posting frequency...Wishing to correct this in 2022!!

Happy Health and Creative New Year!!!!

'till next time...

Keep Up The Brushes!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Blog's Ressurection for 2021 - Back on track!!

       Being very busy all these months I have left blogging in second ( maybe way lower) place in my priorities and I have just realised that it's been more than 6 months without a post here...

      Shame on me! ..I was thinking...

     Thanks to my good friend Curt and it's annual competition ( Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge),    in which I will happily take part, I 'v been motivated to start uploading some posts trying to catch up for 2021 and some of my work that has been done all this time. 

    In this post I will present some of the projects for which I wont make a full post. I hope I will cover some of the rest till the end of the year..( very optimistic...hahaha)


   So , let's start with a bunch of the classic WW2 Airfix US Infantry  1:32 scale. 


Painted in my simple High Standard for a commission. Here is one one the painting table.

Some more WW2 figures that I have done this time will follow.

Here is Rommel from Matchbox Afrika Korps 1:32 set.
and also the classic Airfix German Infantry officer....

...and some German mountain troops 1:32 . Some of them are from the Afrika Korps set painted as Mountain trooper. No big difference on the uniform or equipment.

Also some mountain Troops painted as Austrian WW1 Infantry.
An interesting and matching conversion I would say..

 Then we have some "A Call To Arms" 1:32 British Grenadiers..

I will stop here at the moment, but there are a lot more figures and projects to be displayed here. 
So, renewing my date for the next week with some more or a complete post for a project..

'Till next time...

Keep Up The Brushes!!