Sunday, March 29, 2020

Airfix WW2 1:32 "U.S. Paratroopers" Part 2

     Hi there,  I hope everyone is safe and healthy out there! Strange times we are living aren't we?
Anyway , this "Stay at Home" situation might sounds to the ears of modelers and painters like :

     Painting, painting, painting....Painting...and then again some....painting..:)

But,   ...  for those that we are still working and  have young children waiting for them at home  it is not quite like it...:)  It sound more like..:

   Working (half the day),  then .. Playing, playing, ..resting..( a bit)..then again.playing ,and (maybe) at the end , some painting!

          Somehow I got the time to finish 4 more figures of this set... 7 more remaining ( this set has the huge number of 14 different poses!!) and I'm waiting for them within next week ( I hope..) Below you can see the full set as pictured on the box..

       Here there are the four new finished and some pictures of the completed set until now.

Hope you like this and Inspired someone out there :)

'Till next time...

Keep Up the Brushes!!!

And keep safe and Healthy!


Saturday, March 7, 2020

Lord of the Rings - Eomer

       Here we are again with another nice Hero figure from "Lord Of The Rings" GW figures.
Eomer, the leader of Rohan armies , who became King of Rohan after Theoden's death. Trully beloved character for all LOTR fans!
      A great metal figure with a dynamic pose and fine details, really enjoyable to paint!

Many pictures below to see the final result.

An now is Theoden's turn to my painting table.... but first , I have to deal with these guys :) 

So till next time...

Keep Up The Brushes!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Airfix WW2 1:32 "U.S. Paratroopers"

       Hello everyone!  A new set started in 2020 is my first try to this excellent Airfix issue of  WW2  "U.S.Paratroopers " in 54mm or 1:32 scale.
      Beautifull figures in special poses and hopefully  the faces do not have mould lines in the middle!
This is a significant detail to have a nice painted face and unfortunatelly many of the Airfix sets are having this problem...

      Some things that I would like them to be better in these figures is , at first,  the weapons detail. Some of the poses , as it is in the officer above , have poor detail in the weapons sculpture so you cannot do many things there.. And then is the uniforms patch. Knee patches are not sculpted here so you have to paint them as I did in one of the figures below. This is not a problem but if there was a sculpted line I believe the result would be better..

        Anyway, in general I like the set very much and enjoy painting it. Here are some more pictures of the first three figures, in black and white background..( Yes I still have that issue ,:) ..)


 Thats all for now. Hope you like them :)

..'till next time...

Keep Up The Brushes!!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Accurate AWI " British Redcoats" 1:32

        Two more figures I painted sometime in 2019 and I didn't have the time to display ,are those two beautiful "Accurate"  1:32 Redcoats. They where siting in my spare box for years and I thought that the time has come for me to bring them to life....
         I have to find this set to buy so I can paint all of them . They are really nice figures, as all the Accurate 1:32 sets.


That's all for now. I hope you like them :)

'Till next time
Keep Up The Brushes!!


Friday, January 31, 2020

Airfix 1:32 WW2 "German Paratroopers"

         One of the sets I made it to paint some weeks ago is these figures from the classic Airfix issue of  "German Paratroopers" 1:32 scale .Unfortunately not the full set (once again!). It was a commission painting so I 'll try to paint again this (full poses) set for my collection within this year.

 I tried to paint them in the MB or the  Airfix Box motive of Splinter camo and I'm not 100% happy with the result and the fine details. 
  Although I'm quite happy with the overall finished figures and I enjoy a lot painting them :)


          I tried hard to find photos of the radio that the Operator figure has, but I couldn't identify it.
If anyone has any clue of model or type , it would be critical for my next set. I would like to add some more realistic details to it.

Some more pictures here to enjoy and some close ups of the figures.

 That's all for now :) Hope you like it and Inspired you somehow!

'Till next time....

Keep Up The Brushes!!!

Saturday, January 25, 2020

(late..) Happy New Year!!

       Three weeks have past since New Years Eve but its never too late to wish you a happy and creative new year!! May 2020 be a great year to all of you!!

       Every new year I start with great expectations and ambitions but I'm getting wrong! So I wont promise anything for this year's plans because it has been proved that I cannot keep any schedule in my painting time...
        Although I manage to paint a lot of figures since my last post (when was that ??) and I hope I will be able to present them to you in the forthcoming weeks...

       Today I will proudly present you my new painting station / workspace witch I manage to rearrange last summer :)
       It was a great breakthrough cause I was studying for long since I found the time to do it. The whole room was changed in to a office/workspace for me but also for the rest of the family. So now I have my painting corner/nest as I was dreamt of ...:) The whole system with the monitor is handmade by me and I enjoyed very much doing it.

      See the pictures below and I hope this post will be an inspiration to someone who wants to have computer space and a painting workspace in one!!

    That's all for now. My best wishes again to you and your families for the New Year!!

'Till next time....Keep Up The Brushes!!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Airfix " Medieval Foot Soldiers" 1:32 Repainting-Restored

 Hi everyone!
      Long time again since my last post , and I'm back with another small restoration. These figures
were badly and partially painted when they come to me and the paint was starting to break on some
spots. (I used those breaks to make cuttings of the cloths).

     Here you can see the starting state of the figures. I decide no to try to scrub the paint of , but
only cut of some mould lines and loose paint breaks and repaint them.

              And here is the final result.( after few hours but many days of sporadic painting....)

       Once again one incomplete set but it was a figure resurrection so it doesn't count ..:)

Hope you like them and enjoy the pictures  ,  ...till next time...

Keep Up The Brushes!!!