Thursday, June 25, 2020

Italeri 54mm Roman Flag bearer

  Hi everyone! Continuing with the Roman commission for this week I have one more figure finished.
This is a beautiful sculpt from Italeri in 54mm scale of a Roman "Flag Bearer - Signifer" .

     The only flaw with this figure is that the two pieces of the mould are connected wrong in the middle of his face..This leaves an awkward line and destroys a nice sculpted face. The line can't be cut of  because this will damage the details. Anyway, painted looks fine if you look its profile :)
You can see that in the right photo below.

   This figure sure could take much more layering on the cloth , but as I wrote in the previous post I sould stay low in budget ... Some more pictures below from every angle.

  That's all for now..Hope you like my little Roman :)

'Till next time...

Stay safe and Healthy, and of course...

Keep Up the Brushes!!

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Italeri Gladiators and Lion , 1:32 54mm

       Hello everyone, for today's post I have a subject from Roman period, never opened before in my blog. Two very nice sculpts of Gladiators and a male Lion from Italeri in 54mm scale.

      The shields are from not the original  figures but conversions made from other cheap miniatures.
Also one of the hands of one of the Gladiators. They come to me as a commission painting so I don't know why that happened...In one of the shields the hand of the other miniature is still there ..(!!)
      I did my best for a nice high standard and I really enjoy painting them. Though I wanted to give some more layering on them I should stay low to keep the price down . I couldn't do that to the Lion figure witch I like very much , so I went one step forward ..:)
      No grass tufts or other vegetation on the bases because they are on a gladiator arena!

That's all for now. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy or get inspired!

'Till next time....

Keep Up The Brushes!

Monday, June 15, 2020

GW Frodo, Sam and Gollum on the way to Mount Doom

     Hi there, another post from the Lord of the Rings to start this month even a little bit late...
This is a commission painting from the classic Games Workshop LOTR set, of the three heroes on the way to Mount Doom. This is one of the powerful scenes from the movie when Smeagol becomes Gollum once again and trying to get back The Ring , but Sam ,always alerted, stays in his way!

    Painted with Citadel (mostly) acrylic paints and finished with satin varnish. I tried to achieve the original colors of the cloths and skin tones but I'm not 100% happy with Sam's backpack and equipment. Generally I'm happy with the result and enjoyed enough painting them.
   Enjoy many close up pictures below and I hope you like them :)






That's all for now. I hope this has been an inspiration to or a painting help to someone out there!

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Stay safe and Healthy...

and... Keep Up The Brushes!!

Friday, May 29, 2020

GW Lord Of The Rings "Elf Archers"

          Hi there! Last post for this month for some of my favorite figures!  These figures have been sitting around my table for long time and finally manage to finish them last week. Not many words for these famous and beautiful Elves from Games Workshop "Lord Of The Rings" Game.
         Painted in the classic GW colors ,as I did in the past ,but never a complete unit..
  Many pictures below to see the final result.

That's all for now! Have a happy and creative weekend!

'Till Next time..

Keep Up The Brushes!!