Friday, April 27, 2018

American Militia Fig.4 (Or...How to destroy a figure..)

Well, yes , sometimes experiments goes wrong....

       I've finished this figure some days a go and I wasn't very exited because I didn't like the texture
of the plastic and also the face details..( looks a bit like a Monkey vampire ! ). but that wasn't all....
      A long time a go I've bought a varnish that was in discount and it was marked as " Velvet Mat".
Until now I was using a satin spray varnish for protection and then I was painting a brush Matt
to beat gloss. It was working good but it was double job. So now that this it is about to finish I said
 time to try the new one...

 JODER! ( a Spanish would say)!! This is not Matt!!

Ok! I said... I will repaint with my magic Matt varnish and all will be ok..Let's read the instructions..

JODER!! ( again..)...Do not paint acrylics above this product..((@#%$^%#)...It is an Alkyd Resin! 
So ok...after a small headache..  I said , why not "Let it Shine!"...This is the result...

 I took the color combination from this painting below...

Some more pictures in other backgrounds.. 

It's a pity, finally , because is a very nice pose but ...with this vampire face and this shinning
outfit , sure it will be a " To be.. Repainted " episode..!

So, I didn't know until now , stay away from Alkyd Resins!!!

Thanx for reading my post and I hope I save someone from Trouble!!

'Till next time...KEEP UP THE BRUSHES!!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

American Militia Fig.3

     Hi! I hope you all had a nice weekend and Happy Easter Holidays!

      As the "Militia " project continues, one more figure is ready for the shelf ! I think this figure
 should be much more a hunter than a fighter !! The angle that he's aiming looks like he's aiming
 for a goose rather than an enemy :)

A nice pictures found at the web to inspire me...

Here are some more pictures ,different angles and some artistic!

Thank you for watching and have a nice week!

'Till next time.... Keep Up the Brushes!!