Friday, February 24, 2017

Matchbox - WW2 British Infantry Part 3

   Hello! Is there anybody out there?...

   Yes, it has been almost one year since my last post....and it seems to me like yesterday........
Although I haven't got much time for my blog ,all this year , I've manage to proceed with some projects
and paint some figures..(not as many as I wanted..) to present you within the forthcoming days.....

   As  I've promised in my last post, here is the third part of the "Matchbox - British Infantry " project.
I've finished this vignette some months a go but I still haven't finish the base. I wan to buy a wood Router
to make my own wooden bases but I'm always out of schedule....

So here it is but not quite finished..

     For this vignette I've used 2 Matchbox figures from witch ,one is easily converted to a dead man...

Also used some plastic sandbags (Airfix I believe) and a small piece of thin wire.Mixed mud with
PVA glue and water  for  the muddy ground  base. Below  you can see  some pictures  during the
 procedure .

Testing the positions in the terrain

Painting the ground.
 I first glue only one line of sand bangs so I can paint and drybrush
 easily every corner and hole of mud.

The first figure is painted and I'm starting the rest of the sand bags.

Almost done!

The second figure is ready it is finished!

I've added some empty casings made up from wire painted gold and cut in small pieces.
Also added a "Lee Enfield" rifle..(the dead man's weapon?)

I will add some more pictures when I finally manage to buy that Wood Router and make the base.
Then the vignette will be completed!

Many thanks for stopping by!!
 I hope you enjoy the pics and this post will be inspiring somehow for someone!!

Till' next time...Keep Up The Brushes!!