Saturday, April 17, 2021

WW1 1:72 Diorama Display Base - Step by Step

         It's been almost three months since my last post on my blog...Very busy months but at least I've  manage to keep posting on AHPC for the fist time this year. You will see some of my entries there the forthcoming months.

        For now I will present another challenge I had this time. This is my first official try for a Diorama of this scale. This a WW1 Diorama requested from a client to display his WW1 1:72 figures. 


      The total size is 50X25cm and that's why the trench lines are quite close, but as stated before this is a display base and my task was to try to realistic place the figures on it. Here you can see some German and British Infantry figures and also the classic Airfix British WW1 Artillery set. 

      I tried to take pictures of all the stages but (as always) some got lost in fever of creation......

     The basic material is expanding foam spray and it was used to form the body of the diorama.

     This , then got sculpted and covered in kitchen tiles glue. I found out that this hardens more when dries out  then classic stuko.

            I've also used classic plastic paint in the mix so the painting later will need less hands.

       Then woodwork applied. Not 100% realistic but good for the purpose. Matchsticks have been used for this and proven really good.

       The sand bags are made out of plaster but I missed this procedure.... 
So next, placing sandbags sand and mud and then paint the whole thing in a dark brown tone.

Then spray the whole thing with PVA white glue.

Testing with the figures to see how it looks before the last painting touches..

            Now the body gets glued and then screwed on the wooden base for extra strength.

                                               And here is the final product in some close ups.

                                            ....and some with the soldiers on it.


At the end I've added this wire fence but not 100% happy with it. I should have a thinner wire..

That's all for now... Hope you like it and enjoy the many many pictures :)
I'll be glad if this will be at help for someone out there or an inspiration for a creation! 

Till next time....

Keep Up The Brushes!!


  1. Awesome display Base ! Love it !

  2. Creative, immersive, gorgeous terrain!!!

  3. Excellent tutorial my friend! Love the final result!


    1. Thanks Peter! Sorry for the late responce but blogging has fallen some steps below in my daily schedule..

  4. Excellent work, it truly captures the look of trench warfare.

    1. Thank you Russ! I'm glad that there is someone visiting my blog after all this time I have to update it.. :)I have to find some time to post all of my recent works....And there are many of them...