Thursday, June 25, 2020

Italeri 54mm Roman Flag bearer

  Hi everyone! Continuing with the Roman commission for this week I have one more figure finished.
This is a beautiful sculpt from Italeri in 54mm scale of a Roman "Flag Bearer - Signifer" .

     The only flaw with this figure is that the two pieces of the mould are connected wrong in the middle of his face..This leaves an awkward line and destroys a nice sculpted face. The line can't be cut of  because this will damage the details. Anyway, painted looks fine if you look its profile :)
You can see that in the right photo below.

   This figure sure could take much more layering on the cloth , but as I wrote in the previous post I sould stay low in budget ... Some more pictures below from every angle.

  That's all for now..Hope you like my little Roman :)

'Till next time...

Stay safe and Healthy, and of course...

Keep Up the Brushes!!


  1. Very nice work! This flag bearer comes out “truly classical” like from a book. Great!

  2. You did a very nice job on him ! Fantastic !

  3. Lovely painting of a great figure!

  4. Little? 54mm is huge!

    Great job sir

    1. Hahaha... yes it is ,if you compare to 1:72 you are right :)