Friday, July 3, 2020

Italeri 54mm Medieval Teutonic Knight

   Hi there, another Italeri figure for this week in 54 mm , 1:32 scale. This beautiful Knight comes to me as a commission painting and needed some extra work to get ready for painting.

   At first this figure comes to me without a spear or a lance so, I had to build one. I did that with the magic solution of " Green Stuff " . Not so good when it was unpainted but the paint do the rest of the job..

     The next thing is that the figure had to stay straight on the horse and the lance looking forward without glue him on the saddle.. This was resolved by putting two small pins under his legs right behind the knees as pictured below.

The pins had to be smaller than the leg size  so there will be no visual change on the figure. It is something like hidden support.

    Studying the shape of his Cross on the shield and on the chest I decide to paint him with the colours of the Teutonic Order. The Knight was painted in a simple High standard but on the horse I spend some more time because I like very much its detailing.
  Here's some pictures of the final result to your judgement :) Correction comments are welcomed!

That's all for now. I hope you like my work and it was an inspiration to someone out there!

'Till next time..

Stay Safe and Healthy!

Keep Up The Brushes!!


  1. Excellent knight in 54mm! Love the spiraled lance.

    1. Thank you Dean!Its not so good if you look at the size of the lines but the overall result is optical accepted :)

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