Sunday, January 31, 2016

Matchbox - WW2 British Infantry Part 2

          I'm happy that I was able to close January with one more post.I can say that your respond to my posts has motivated me to work a little bit harder in order to proceed with my paintings and I want to thank you all for that!
           Continuing with the "Matchbox - British Infantry" set I would like to present you this week's job.

  I've decided to make a base for this figure because I believe that a figure without base is a "Half" figure... For this base I've experienced my skills to a new (to me) technique to make muddy terrain. And this is to make true mud...I've mixed true earth pigment and dirt with diluted PVA glue and as a result I've got real mud!! When it dries it became a very solid mass ready to paint.

  After a nice and dark painting with 2-3 types of brown I've added diluted PVA and let it dry. When it dries it remains glossy so it gives the feeling of wet mud.Next  I've added some stones and some dead plants  and grass tufts. Then some extensive dry brushing gives the final result!

Here you can see the figure without the base..

 And that's the final result in some artistic dark pictures..!

       Next time I will be very generous with the diluted PVA for the water effect.... For the next two figures of this set I'm considering of making a small vignette that evolves both of them in a muddy "Sandbag Gun Emplacement"... Stay tuned as it will arrive within this week....(with my daughters good will!!)..

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'Till next time... Keep Up The Brushes!!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Matchbox - WW2 British Infantry Part 1

      After a small break I'm back on track with my WW2 1:32 project. This time an "Allied Forces" set of figures is on my table. I've started the "Matchbox - British Infantry" set and I believe I will complete it within the next month! "British Infantry" and "8th Army" was my favorite sets of figures when I was young! I was upset with Matchbox because they had only 15 figures in the box against 20+ that Airfix sets had...

Despite that, I loved all the Matchbox figures and until now ,I believe that they are better than some Airfix sets ,even though some of the details was a little bit "chubby" or simple.
These figures where at the edges of 1:32 scale size (54mm) and they have 
excellent  face expressions . And I believe this is the part that they beat Airfix.

    Below you can see some pictures of the first two finished figures. Also some artistic and very dark photos.

Thank you for visiting my blog! 

      Stay tuned for the rest of the figures of this project and feel free to ask any question!
You are welcome to join the blog to share my journey in modelling and painting miniatures!

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Warhammer 40k - Night Goblin Archers

          Hi there! This is the second post for 2016 and I have again something different to present. These three little vicious fellows are my first try in Warhammer 40k figures..

          Since I'm not a gamer I'm not familiar with these figures but I believe they are Night Goblins from some older issue of the game (Any additional information will be very much appreciated!!).
         These figures come to me along with some other LOTR figures from ebay and they where badly painted ,over blocked(?) ,heavily varnished, had glue drops in some places, and some where broken or almost broken...
See the picture below to understand what I mean..

         I felt very sorry for these fellows and I've decided to give them their Resurrection and also experiment to some Warhammer figures. Unfortunately, I made it to save only three of them, because the other three had either to much paint and varnish, either  broken and missing parts.
        I have to say that these figures have great expressions and I enjoy it very much working with them. So much that I have already bought some more (new this time) warhammer figures to paint in the near future...

       Some pictures below of the final result...

And some in white backround...I still haven't decide witch backround is better..

           To paint the signs on their hoods I've searched on the internet and I've seen many different,so I've choosen some that I liked most. I'm not very happy with the grass tufts I made. (I have to make a better applicator..). 
           I will continue with the Goblins until I have a nice army of them and maybe when my daughter grows a little bit older I will have some one to fight with  :-D 

Thank you for visitind my blog and I hope you enjoy this small journey!!

'Till next time........ Keep Up The Brushes!!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Peppa's House

             Starting my blog for 2016 I would like to wish a Happy and Creative New Year to my visitors!!
As the first post for this year, I've chosen to present my first construction I made for my daughter some months ago. With this post I'm starting also a new chapter for this blog that has to do with playable DIY and scratch build constructions (dollhouses etc.) that I will do in the future.

            About the House. It is build by cardboard covered with wood stucco as a hardener. Windows, doors and floor is made by balsa wood and the window's glass is a transparent plastic sheet.I wanted to be as much realistic is possible without loosing its "Comic based" look.

   Below you can see some pictures taken during the procedure.Unfortunately I've forgotten to capture some stages of the construction.

Stucco covering...still wet!!

The back door

Fully Covered

The wall is painted and starting with the wood job.....

Floor added

The roof is ready


       I hope you enjoy this "childish" journey!! I will be very happy if this post has inspired some "Peppaholic" fathers and mothers out there....

      Thank you for visiting my blog!!!  and remember.......Keep Up The Brushes!!!!