Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Peppa's House

             Starting my blog for 2016 I would like to wish a Happy and Creative New Year to my visitors!!
As the first post for this year, I've chosen to present my first construction I made for my daughter some months ago. With this post I'm starting also a new chapter for this blog that has to do with playable DIY and scratch build constructions (dollhouses etc.) that I will do in the future.

            About the House. It is build by cardboard covered with wood stucco as a hardener. Windows, doors and floor is made by balsa wood and the window's glass is a transparent plastic sheet.I wanted to be as much realistic is possible without loosing its "Comic based" look.

   Below you can see some pictures taken during the procedure.Unfortunately I've forgotten to capture some stages of the construction.

Stucco covering...still wet!!

The back door

Fully Covered

The wall is painted and starting with the wood job.....

Floor added

The roof is ready


       I hope you enjoy this "childish" journey!! I will be very happy if this post has inspired some "Peppaholic" fathers and mothers out there....

      Thank you for visiting my blog!!!  and remember.......Keep Up The Brushes!!!!


  1. A nice change of pace :) You have a lucky daughter!! :D Happy 2016!!

    1. She is lucky yes, and I'm the happiest father! Happy 2016!!

  2. Cool, very cool, happy new year to you and yours...and to your daughter!

  3. Hahah! These are marvelous - like stepping into a TV show.

  4. Really like this "childish" post. Your daughter is Lucky with a dad like you! Great post!