Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Airfix - German Infantry Fig.1

       A long time a go, in my mind, I had a plan.  Since my painting skill reach an acceptable ( me) level,
I wanted to paint again all the ,1:32 ,Airfix and Matchbox figures of WW2 period (..and then the other issues also..) for my collection. I will try to achieve the best historical accuracy for the insignia and uniform colors and of course, every comment or correction is accepted and welcomed!
      Unfortunately, due to lack of time , I can no logger have mass paintings so this project will be completed
figure by figure. Also, this project will go on along the other projects I'm currently running so it will be a long time procedure.
      I've started this long journey with a group of Airfix figures that are the most common and famous among
the Airfix issues. Of course is the "German Infantry" set .

     To begin with this set I 've chosen the Officer figure. The insignia is for a German "Field Captain" .
     To paint these figures I will use the uniform colours from the Early WW2 years. I got a lot of help by
Osprey "Men at War 16" and "Men at Arms 311" magazines that are trusted and detailed enough in colors
and in equipment also.A lot of pictures found in several sites completed the vital information.

    Enjoy the pictures below from different sides of the figure.

 Below you can see one photo of German officers in Paris at 1940.

and a "Luger"
 pistol leather

    Thank you for visiting my blog!!  

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'Till next time....Keep up the Brushes!!!!!


  1. This mini sure brings back lots of memories... from the late 70`s!!!! What an extraordinary piece of art!!! These are really very hard to paint - little detail on the face and the plastic surface is also very tricky to deal with!! Congratulations, yet again, on another masterpiece! please keep them coming! Cheers!!!

    1. Many thanx for your comments my friend! Yes, these are the two biggest problems with these figures.The face is very poor in detail and unfortunatelly they have mould lines that have to be very carefully cut off.I've damaged some figures trying to do that...Also the material is a very soft plastic and the paint is very hard to adhere in places like ,gun tips or thin parts. Although, the uniform and equipment details is so accurate, that every collection must have these figures!! (...and for sentimental reasons of course!!)

      Regards, George.

  2. Superb! Great pose and fantastic paint job!

  3. You are an absolute master, you really extract all the quality of the sculpt of these classic figures. I wonder if you have ever painted the Airfix Commandos? I can't find them in your blog site.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi there Martin!
      Thank you for your comments! You inspired me! I have painted
      those figures before a long long time and it was at my plans to repaint them in a recent standard...So it will be my next Airfix project!
      You can follow my blog to get informed when thay are done!!

      I've check up your facebook friend, you are a master!!
      Excellent pictures and videos! Trully realistic!! Thats what they say " toys for big boys" :)
      Keep up the good work and have fun!!

      Regards, George.

    2. Hi George, thanks for the reply. I posted this article in our 1/32+ collectors group and the people went crazy with your paint job they loved it.

      I can't wait to see your Commandos, you really take these Airfix figures to the limit

    3. Thank you very much for the share! I ve checked your group and,
      you done great job! As soon as I start using my facebook, I will
      sure make a demand to entry :)

    4. Hello George, I finally posted my Commandos painted to my latest technique "battle weary" in my blog, in case you wanna take a look:
      Regards, Martin

    5. Hola! Thanx to let me know! I'll be there:)