Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lord of the Rings - Legolas

 This week I've finished this figure that has been left over for some months and I 'm very happy that I finally did it!! Legolas is my favorite character from LOTR so you will see some more of him in the future..

     I 've made a "base conversion" for this figure and now is more a "Vignette" than a playable figure.To do that, I've used some Modelling plaster with coarse surface, a sea wood (wood pieces weathered by the sea and collected at the beach..I 'm collecting many every summer!!) and a handmade wooden base.Also the classic grass tufts and foliage.
   Here are some pictures of the various stages of the procedure.

 Assembly of the miniature and base.

Primer and base first painting

The figure is almost done!!


The Final result.

I hope that this post was at help or an inspiration to someone!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

"Britains" Medieval Knight - Figure 1

       About a year a go I bought some "Britains" figures of Medieval Knights and Saracens.These figures are from the "Deetail" series mostly produced at 1971 and comes already painted. My plan was to repaint the full two sets but I've stooped in the first figure due to some new challenges.
       I will continue with this plan in the future and I will add the WW2 "Britains" sets also. Of coarse is not my priority, but it will happen....

       These figures have a very nice detail (and that's how the name of the series comes!) but the painting is only for playing with purpose, and not for a modellers-collectors standard.Also they have some mould lines that have to be cleared of (something I didn't do very well for that first figure!!), and their weapons are from very soft plastic, so the paint is not very easy to adhere and it breaks when it's bending!!

       I've painted this figure with dark tones in order to give the dark Medieval feeling but I will try with some shinny armours in some of the next figures.I've used the British Empire red and yellow colours for the shield.
      Here are some pictures....

  That's all for now....Another small post for a nice small fellow......

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