Thursday, March 21, 2013

Airfix 8th Army Review

    Somehow I should start this journey and I've decided to do so by sharing some of my older projects.
A lot of figures have been destroyed in my beginning mostly by using too much colour, wrong varnish(!),
even wrong colours!! Some of them, I like them until now, even though the techniques used were very poor
to none.
    Airfix figures are, as usual,  the first "victims", and here you'll see two of my attempts of painting British
"8th Army", also known as "Desert Rats".
    In the first two pictures you can see the first group that looked nice to me, even though the colours (of
the uniform ) were wrong and there are no weathering or shadowing techniques.Not even face details!

   The mould lines haven't been
cleared and at some point  they
look bad! In this group was the
first time I used insignia.
  Not correctly though.....

      The next group was much more detailed and with the correct uniform colour and face details.Also
there was a conversion (only in colours) of a "British Infantry" figure to a Desert Rat....Here you can see
my first attempts in weathering and shadowing techniques.

 Bases are still empty, just painted...
From that point you can see some nice
detail in the figures faces, not yet very
realistic.Much more like comic

        So these two attempts where the only ones worthy to display.In the future I will try again for a more
realistic result.I have some more of these figures, including an officer.I just want to search a little bit more
about insignia and how it was placed on the uniform.
       In the next posts i will continue the review of my previous Airfix projects (British Commando, German
Infantry, etc.)

        Hope you enjoyed our first journey as I did..........see ya!!!



  1. Hi
    they look great
    find the tone of the uniform herrvoragend
    From time to time I paint such bigger figures but I prefer to stay with the little ones

  2. Thank you Guido!These figures are painted a long time
    ago and it was my favorites for long..
    I have lots of 1:72 figures and i'm sure that
    I will find the time to start with them in the future :)