Friday, December 7, 2018

1:72 ESCI "British Infantry"

Hi there! 
     Here is the second group from my testing in the small scale. Once again not a complete set.
These figures are from ESCI 1982 "British Infantry " set 200. Some came to me already (badly)
painted so I repainted them! The figure of the wounded man was already clogged and that's why
the detail is very poor...anyway I believe I restore him somehow..

  This time I've expanded the base using a 5sent Euro coin and I enjoy the basing as much as
painting :)  These little guys don't give you much space for basing ,so ,  I see what others do
and I did the same..Nice and easy technique!

   Here are the pics from the final result and some during the basing. I hope you enjoy!   


       Here is my basing technique for adding sand and rocks. It is a mixture of sand and rocks in various sizes (even dust size!) , water and PVA glue. Mix it well and if you keep it in a fine closing pot you can keep it for weeks! The only disadvantage is that after 1-2 weeks It has a strong moisture smell when you open the pot! Don't worry , after 1-2 minutes outside its ok :)


   After the mix is dry (take some hours)
I give a dark brown-red wash. Then some
dry brushing with 2 light tones and is ready!

Here some artistic (contrast doped !) white background pictures!

 That's all for this week! I enjoy more this second set and I see that as long as I paint this scale , the more I love it!!  The next set it will paint it will be a full set ( this will be my breakthrough, Peter! ) 

Hope you enjoy this post and the that pictures were an inspiration to someone!!

'Till next time...

Keep Up The Brushes!!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

1:72 ESCI "8th Army (My first small scale try!!)

       Yep ! Here comes the time to try my skills ( and my eyes!!) on this scale!I have lots of figures collected and I always had it in my mind. So I started with some familiar figures for me. I have painted 8th Army sometimes in the past so it would be easy for a start..
     These figures are from the 1983 ESCI set 207. Not the full set but just five figures.

       With this set I tried a new product also. The "Anti-Shine  Matt Varnish" for brush  from Army Painter Warpaints. Now I wonder how did I never try this in the past !!  I was always using spray varnishes and never was quite satisfied as now... I thing my problems are gone on this issue..:)

  I wan to say "Thank You" to all the small scale painters out there who had inspired my and motivate me all this time with their post and painting skills and make me wanna be a part of that scale :)

   Here are some close up pictures below from my first 1:72 figures. Criticize or advising comments are always welcomed!

 and one white and bright for the finale..!

    Thanks for watching and stay tuned for some more of these little fellows..:)

'Till next time..

Keep Up The Brushes!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Britains "Deetail" 1:32 " Union Infantry" Repaint

 Hi there!
   Here it is the second repainted figure mentioned in the previous post. A fast painting has been applied here since the figure was a little bit clogged with much primer. Also the mould lines was not cut so I find it a good opportunity to check my speed again :)

  Enjoy some pictures below! I liked  more the white background for this figure because it shows better the blue tones and shades...

     The yellow stripes and lines in the uniform are not exactly historically correct...It was a fast painting after all :)

   Hope you like this small resurrection of a poor over painted little guy! Till next time...

Keep Up The Brushes!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Britains 1:32 "Geek Hoplite" Repair-Repaint

  Hi there!

Here we are back again to my favorite scale 1:32 !

   Along with some Britains figures I've bought some time a go I receive these two little fellows that has been primed (badly) without cut mould lines and with some damaged or broken parts.
   These was a figure of "Greek Hoplite" (made in Hong Kong and little bigger than 1;32 scale as it is about 60mm without base!) that has missing helmet's top and some dirt stocked in several places , and a "Union Infantry " figure from American Civil War , Britains Deetail series made in England at 1971.
   As I wrote in previous posts a have a "sentimental touch" about damaged or unbranded figures that need to regain their lives in this world ....somehow....

   So this is another project of "Resurrecting figures" series :)  Here you can see what their state was
when I opened the box.

And now here it is the first resurrection...  Ta daaa!!

      These figures have very little sculpting detail or detail depth so I chosen a , more simple painting or highlighting.  You can see that, in the shields detail  (the rooster)  witch I tried to make as realistic and 3d I could . 

      Here , some more pictures during the transformation and some in dark background that I like!

      The second figure is at my table now and needs some work to do .Here it is so far...

So , that's all for now... 'till next time..

Keep Up The Brushes!!!