Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Airfix WW2 "British Paratroops" 1:32 (or fight with the clock)

Hi there,
       after a long time I decided to test my painting time capacity with a mass (not so mass) painting.
 I painted this set in 12 hours ( in five days!) and fighting with the clock I tried to be as more detailed
 as I could, so that the figures could reach a nice standard.... So,  it is about 2 hours per piece for full
 treatment...( mould clearing, washing, priming, painting , varnished and base making..).
    I know that, time is a relevant value to discuss, but I would like to have your opinion about the,
"time vs quality" issue for these figures..

      About the figures, this is another one of the famous "Airfix" WW2 sets and normally it has seven different poses. During priming,  I've realized that I've left one pose out by accident, so this is not the full set...

     Unfortunately ,once again, I forgot to take some pics during the procedure...Only this one..

Here are some more pictures to enjoy..

Thanx for stopping by and I hope you've been inspired somehow!

'Till next time... Keep up the Brushes!!!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Matchbox 1:32 WW2 British Infantry Full set! ........( At last!!)

         Hi there, This project took me too long to finish but finally is ended! I'm very happy to
present you some pictures of the full set for those who haven't see the previews posts.. This was
my favorite figures from my childhood and I wanted to be as good as I can !! 

        Enjoy below ,lots of takes from different angles and settings !  


Stay tuned form more WW2 figures!
Thanx for watching and hope you liked it!!

'Till next time...Keep up the Brushes!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Matchbox - WW2 British Infantry Part 6

      Hi there!

      Finally I manage to paint those two officers and close this project (one year later!!).

In a forthcoming post I will present the full set but for now just some pics of the last two figures.. 

Thanx for watching and I hope you like the painting..
'Till next time ....

Keep Up The Brushes!!!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Matchbox - WW2 British Infantry Part 5

Hello and a Happy New Years Eve to everyone!!

      I hope you already had a nice and Happy Christmas!! Now, in the middle of vacation time..
(witch is something that I don't have, cause of the yearly counting in my job...) I decided to close
2017 with three more figures of the British Infantry project !! ( Only the 2 Officers left to be
 painted now.!).
     I haven't decide yet if white background is better than a dark one for this type of figures so I
take photos booth ways and I would like to have your opinion about that matter...

Once again I wish a Happy New Years Eve to anyone and , may 2018
 be lucky and prosperous to you and your families!!
Till next year...Keep up the brushes!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

American Civil War Confederate Rebel 1:32

        Hi there, Here's just another small post for a small fellow, just to let you know I'm here
struggling to find some time to paint something.....anything! I'm still working to finish the
British WW2 figures and I have them almost ready!!
       In the meantime I've made some Unbranded Knights figures for a friend witch I will
 present in a  forthcoming post.But for now here's what I have..

       This fellow here has been painted a long time a go and comes to me along with some other
mixed ACW figures. So I don't have the full set and I don't know much about it..

.... and here's a question for anyone Knows : 

  Searching the web I've found this figure as
 being part of this following set . It is named as
 " Replicants 54mm Confederate Rebel vets"
Is the original brand "Replicants" or it is copies
of some older manufacturer?
I didn't even understand if "Replicants" is a
Brand or the seller means that the figures are
just copies....
   Any help would be very much appreciated!!

                    Here you can see some more pictures in different angles or backgrounds.



   .....a little bit more glossy that I wanted to that time I haven't discovered matt varnish yet!!!

 I Hope you like this little fellow and this post would be helpful to someone!

...till next time....Keep up the brushes!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Accurate - American Militia - Fig. 1

       While I'm painting the rest of the WW2 British figures I would like to present you the figure of my avatar..I've painted that figure some years a go and it was my favorite for quite a time!

     This figure is from the "Accurate - American Militia" 1:32 set and it has awesome details like all the Accurate sets. At the time I've painted that figure I didn't had the full set,  ..but now I do....

      Beautiful figures and poses and you will be able to see some more of them painted in the future!

      You will notice that the figure is a little bit more glossy than it should...At that time I was varnishing with satin varnish and not mat.....I'm thinking of respray with mat but I'm afraid that it might gets white spots so I'm hesitating a little...

       Here 's two more angles..

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