Thursday, October 8, 2020

GW Lord Of The Rings " Lurtz and Uruk Hai"


   ..there and back again..! 

     Back again to Games Workshop , Lord of the Rings figures, and another, Middle Earth, Isengard's  Army commission. I have painted these figures once again in the past and really enjoy it once again...


                               We are talking about the famous Uruk Hai and their captain " Lurtz ".

 Once again the colours I use was selected for a dark and vicious result that matches great with this characters. Dark metallic tones and some rust for the armour and various tones of brown for skin and clothes.  Here are some pictures during the procedure.

   Of course , once again, I 've lost most of the painting stages ...So from painted metallic parts we go over to almost finished figures :) Anyway.... 

    And here some of the finished set ..Many of them cause I couldn't choose witch to cut.. :)

..that's all for now. Hope that this post inspired someone out there :)

'till next time...

Keep Up The Brushes!!