Thursday, December 31, 2015

Airfix - German Infantry - Last part

      Finally,  I 've made it to finish this set and present it as the last post in 2015, as I 've planned !!
As my wife was cooking the whole afternoon(!) and I was playing with my daughter, I manage to steal some time to take these photos in order to make this post. 
     These are the last three figures and also you can see here some photos of the full project. I've made a small vignette to display the two lying figures,as they come without base.I hope you like the muddy terrain for the base because I haven't use any great technique for the mud. It just look very...dry.....
      I wish you all a Happy New Years Eve and may 2016 find us all productive and creative in our hobby!!

                The base on progress...

......and just like that, one more year passes on, and life goes on and on and on .........

 Happy 2016!!

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Airfix - German Infantry ,1:32 scale ,Figures 1-5

       I haven't realise how much time has passed since my last post...All this time my painting has left behind,
so,I can enjoy the growing up of my daughter!!

      Although ,I've manage to paint some figures and make some constructions but , this is the first time that
I have some time to update my blog. So, I've spend some time to take nice pictures and make a follow-up
with this issue.The figures are painted sometime during summer.I have three incomplete figures to finish this
set but I don't know when this will happen....

      Not many words are needed for these figures as we all know them very well! I hope you'll enjoy my work and I will be happy to read and answer to any comment!!

....My favorite one............ 


      Here you can see some pictures I've found and really helped me out with the original colors of the uniform and the equipment.I believe they are useful!

    Thank you for visiting my blog!!  

 If you've  find this post helpful or it gives you an inspiration ,feel free to become a follower in order to stay informed about the rest of the figures to come!

'Till next time....Keep up the Brushes!!!!!