Friday, March 20, 2015

Lord Of The Rings - Uruk Hai Spearman unit

          Hi there,   not many words are  needed  to describe  these figures!  The  most  powerful and famous
Sauron's troopers, modified from Saruman and lined up in an "Ancient Greek" way to fight....the "Phalanx"   (a not disciplined, angry and "funny" kind of Phalanx )!! 
         I've primed these figures with black color.  Black priming helps if you want a dark outcome.
         Dark and dirty metal armors  and weapons ,  rag underclothes  ,  leather belts , dark flesh and  rasta dreadlocks....That's it, you got an Uruk Hai fighter.....

Many and detailed pictures below for this unit to enjoy or get inspired to paint......


 That's all folks!! Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you've enjoyed the painting!! 'Till next time...

Keep Up The Brushes!!!


  1. Awesome!!!
    I love the Uruk-hai models, and you made a great job painting them :D

    Cheers George

    1. Thanx Tiago! I'm happy that you like them! My favorite Uruk Hai are the swordsmen, and I will
      have them in the next post!!

      Regards, George.

    2. The swordsman are pretty cool!
      My favourite are the scouts :)

  2. These are tremendous, George!!! So nicely painted and carefully detailed! It is a pleasure to visit you! I´ll be waiting for that swordsork... ;) Cheers!

  3. Many thanx for your comments!! I hope that your waiting will be rewarded:))

  4. Wow these look excellent! Gives me some inspiration to paint the ones I have in scale 1/72! Love it how you did the armor!


    1. Thank you Peter!! I'm happy that I have inspired you and I'm waiting to see the figures:)