Thursday, May 23, 2019

Airfix " Medieval Foot Soldiers" 1:32 Repainting-Restored

 Hi everyone!
      Long time again since my last post , and I'm back with another small restoration. These figures
were badly and partially painted when they come to me and the paint was starting to break on some
spots. (I used those breaks to make cuttings of the cloths).

     Here you can see the starting state of the figures. I decide no to try to scrub the paint of , but
only cut of some mould lines and loose paint breaks and repaint them.

              And here is the final result.( after few hours but many days of sporadic painting....)

       Once again one incomplete set but it was a figure resurrection so it doesn't count ..:)

Hope you like them and enjoy the pictures  ,  ...till next time...

Keep Up The Brushes!!!

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Lord Of The Rings - Aragorn

       Hi there, finally finished with this figure! I love that miniature! The sculpting of the face is
excellent and with a careful painting it looks exactly like the film's character Viggo Mortensen!
I did my best and I believe I came close to it :)
      The driftwood looks very realistic after painting and the result is far from my expectations..!  

    Here 's some pictures with of final result ,in black and white background...

....still can't choose one of them  ...:)

 Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you like this little figure!!

'Till next time...

Keep Up The Brushes!!

Friday, March 22, 2019

Lord of the Rings - Aragorn preparation...

Hi there!

  No painting here the last ten days... The only thing I 've manage to do is to prepare the next
miniature and have a small conversion of the base. This pose inspires for a ground level up!

  Here are some pictures during the procedure... Hope that inspires someone also :)

'Till next time.... 

Keep Up the Brushes!!!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Lord of the Rings - Farmer Maggot

      Hi there,  I'm back again to the Lord of the Rings project with a special set of figures!

      Farmer Maggot and his vicious dogs Grip, Fang and Wolf ,was the famous mushrooms owner,
 that Frodo and his friends run to escape from, in the beginning of the first part of their journey.


     This excellent set of figures lying for long time in my boxes and finally I had find the time to
paint it... Here you can see my first try to paint Non Metallic Metal parts. There are not many
metallic parts n these figures so it was a good chance to experiment..
    The colour used was inspired from the GW painted set and I tried to copy it somehow.

Here you can see the result and some pictures during the procedure...Hope you enjoy !

Thats all for now! Wish you all a nice and creative week!

'Till next time...Keep Up The Brushes!!

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Timpo 1:32 plastic "Bear"

   Hi there!
     Trying to catch up February with another post , I've finished yesterday this lovely(?) bear!
Dating back to the 60's, this little bear comes to me along with some other toy soldiers and I get the inspiration to paint ,from an older post of a friend blogger-gamer (I thing it was from Palouse Wargaming Journal ) who had a wild bear in his gaming set up!

  The figure came with some wear on the body and a broken base but, with a little care and a sharp knife becomes ready to paint! For extra basing space I made a base extension using a round plastic cup.

   Here you can see what I started with....

     And here some pictures during the restoration... 

And here you can see the final result in some clear and some artistic pictures..

That's all for now...Hope you like my first posted animal figure! I have painted some more
,(mostly horses) in the past and maybe I'll make a post for them in the future..

'Till next time... Keep Up The Brushes!!!