Sunday, December 6, 2015

Airfix - German Infantry ,1:32 scale ,Figures 1-5

       I haven't realise how much time has passed since my last post...All this time my painting has left behind,
so,I can enjoy the growing up of my daughter!!

      Although ,I've manage to paint some figures and make some constructions but , this is the first time that
I have some time to update my blog. So, I've spend some time to take nice pictures and make a follow-up
with this issue.The figures are painted sometime during summer.I have three incomplete figures to finish this
set but I don't know when this will happen....

      Not many words are needed for these figures as we all know them very well! I hope you'll enjoy my work and I will be happy to read and answer to any comment!!

....My favorite one............ 


      Here you can see some pictures I've found and really helped me out with the original colors of the uniform and the equipment.I believe they are useful!

    Thank you for visiting my blog!!  

 If you've  find this post helpful or it gives you an inspiration ,feel free to become a follower in order to stay informed about the rest of the figures to come!

'Till next time....Keep up the Brushes!!!!!


  1. Again some fantastic painted figures George! Spot on! Love the shading and the colors that you used!

    Looks like I'm not the only one who didn't post much in the past six months! :-)

    Can you give me some more information on the colors and washes you've used? I have the kneeling one on my desk, and I painted him with Revell 66 Olive grey. I see also a difference between the jacket and the trousers.
    The left shoulder of the marching one, is that how you wanted it to look like, or did you forget that spot on top of the shoulder?


    1. Hi Peter, I'm happy to read from you again:))!

      I'm truing very hard to stay in touch with the hobby all this time
      but as much as my little daughter grows up ,the more tired I am at
      the end of the day...Although I'm starting to get the new routine
      and I believe that I will find out my way again...

      For the figures now, for the jackets I've used Humbrol 102(Army Green mat) in mix with Humbrol 33 (black mat) for the shading.For
      the trousers I've used Tamiya XF19(sky grey) also in mix with
      Humbrol 33 for the shading.At the shoulder that you've mentioned
      I had an accident during painting the insignia and while I was
      repainting it I did'nt notice the difference of the highlight...
      Thank you for your notice and I'll see If i can do something to
      correct it.

      I'll be waiting for your comeback also:))!


    2. Hey George,

      thank you for the information about the colors used. I noticed it because I'm painting one of the same set. I have the whole set new, but now I'm painting five of them that I could buy with other WW2 Airfix figures second handed for 4 euro. A real bargain.;-)
      I promise that there will be one more post on my blog before the end of the year. Next year I will do one post a month (finished figures and work in progress). I just done have the time to follow all the blogs, giving comments and answering the comments on my own blog. Now I have hardly some time to paint and that must change.

      Kids are fun, but you get tired from them indeed. They need a lot of attention, and I can imagen that a girl needs that even more. I have two grown sons now, and I'm feeling old! :-D


    3. I will check your blog for that promised monthly post, Peter...!!! :) Happy New Year!!!

  2. I am humbled by your marvellous work, George :) It is great to see that the German Offizier found some friends! :) My blog has also been kind of one and off - ots of things to do, not much time to do it!! I remember being a young father - my daughter is 26, now... :) Hope to keep up and to see lots more of your work this coming year! Happy New Year

    1. Many thanx for your comments my friend.I believe that the full set will be ready before the new years eve!!This is my last goal for 2015.Stay tuned;)
      Happy New year!!

  3. Amazing Painting Style,on this old AIRFIX Set. Well Done,they look really cool.
    Old but one of their best ever sets they produced.
    I only wish that they had paid more attention to their Napoleonic Range of figures. Beano Boy

    1. Many thanx Beano Boy and welcome to my blog! I haven't have the opportunity yet to paint any Napoleonic figure but it is one of my future plans.I hope I wont be very disapointed when I get some of the Airfix sets in hand..
      Thanx again and have a Happy New Year!

      Rrgards, George.

  4. Wow....I had these Airfix 1/32 figures as a child 40+ years ago - have never seen anyone paint them up like this though - beautiful work!

    1. Thank you rross for your kind comments and welcome to my world!!
      I will paint more af these Airfix issues in the future so you can
      stay tunned by Following my Blog!
      Rrgards, George.