Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Matchbox "British 8th Army" - Field Marshal Monty

     Hi there! Continuing with  the figures I've painted in the past  I would like to show you a Beautiful Historical miniature from Matchbox's 1:32 "British 8th Army" set. It is the figure of General "Monty", or else, "Spartan General" ,or officially ,Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery.
     For the History.....he was the commander of the British and Allied forces ,"8th Army", during the battle of El Alamein ,the battle that critically changes the course of WW2.You can see below some original pictures that inspired me for the colours I used for that figure.

     I painted this figure at March 2013 and unfortunately it has some small scratches on the face, and the noose was a little bit damaged. Although I painted and tried to cover up the damage.. Since I don't have that figure anymore I hope that I will paint another one in the future and this time it will be in a small diorama that I have in mind....For now, here are two pictures of "my" Monty.....

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  1. Great painted Monty George! I hope one day Revell will reissue this set!
    First follower here! :-D


    1. Yeah I hope so..! You can still find these figures on ebay, but the price goes a little bit high in the most of the auctions..

      Thanx for your comments and for join in my blog!!