Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lord of the Rings - Lurtz "On the Rocks!!"

            Here we are again with another "Lord of the Rings" figure, painted at the end of  2011.It is the
 leader of Uruk-Hai Army "Lurtz".
            On this figure I've made my first conversion.I've added a natural stone on the base. The outcome
 was very realistic even though I haven't paint the stone once again... (!$!#).I like very much the face and
 the expression of the figure.I don't like much the tone I gave on the flesh and generally this was a "dirty"
 painting. I believe that priming with black paint has a part in this result.


          I hope you like the pictures, and this post was helpful to someone!!Thank you for visiting my blog!!

                                                                       Till next time....see ya!!!

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