Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Matchbox "8th Army"

        Hi, welcome to another small journey with my painting adventures.This time I will present the first attempt I had with Matchbox figures in the beginning of 2013.These five figures  was part of the "8th Army" issue and they come to me as part of a collection of Matchbox figures I bought. This is not the complete set.

    With these figures had started a new era for me.I tried to
make my figures more detailed in face and the expressions
of these Matchbox figures where great to do that...

Even though my painting is still "dirty"
the faces of these figures look great to
me until now!

      Also I started to paint insignia on some figures but not correctly as I can see now. Another problem
 I had, was with varnish. You can see that three of the figures are having a green shading on the uniform.
I still haven't found the reason that the color turned to green after varnishing.It never happened again....
Maybe there was to much moisture that day or something about the stirring of the varnish can...anyway...


         The  figure  below is  not a part of this issue but it is  from  the  "British Infantry" .  I don't think that
 this  conversion is  incorrect historically since  there were also long trousers in the desert uniform and the
equipment was the same in most of the cases.

    Here you can see the group together.

    These figures were my favorite job for a long time. I will keep them until the repainting and this time it will
be full set and as accurate as it can be!!!

    I hope you enjoyed the journey and  this post was helpful to someone . Please feel free to ask anything or
leave any comment.Thank you for visiting my blog!!

    Till next time........See ya!!!!.....

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lord of the Rings - Lurtz "On the Rocks!!"

            Here we are again with another "Lord of the Rings" figure, painted at the end of  2011.It is the
 leader of Uruk-Hai Army "Lurtz".
            On this figure I've made my first conversion.I've added a natural stone on the base. The outcome
 was very realistic even though I haven't paint the stone once again... (!$!#).I like very much the face and
 the expression of the figure.I don't like much the tone I gave on the flesh and generally this was a "dirty"
 painting. I believe that priming with black paint has a part in this result.


          I hope you like the pictures, and this post was helpful to someone!!Thank you for visiting my blog!!

                                                                       Till next time....see ya!!!