Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lord of the Rings - Uruk-Hai Captain

   The first metal figure that I have painted was this Uruk-Hai captain from Lord of the Rings collection.
Excellent figure as all of the "Games Workgroup" miniatures.I like the outcome of the armor but the flesh
tones are not painted and shaded properly.Also the base should have been covered only on top.

        The yellow stones that I 've used for these miniatures(see also previous post)are aquarium substrate
 stones.  These stones have very nice shapes and textures. The problem is that at that time I liked them as
 it was. Now I know that I should have painted them...

That's it for today...A small post for a small ugly fellow....

Friday, September 5, 2014

Lord of the Rings - Goblins


       I cannot remember exactly witch year I started to buy this collection.The sure thing is that I couldn't
make it over the 13th issue of the magazine and then, it all ends up in a box stored for the future....
       Then sometime around 2010, when I 've been introduced to the hobby, I 've opened the box again..
Finally I have painted the first figures in 2011 and it was these vicious "Goblins of Moria".

        As you can see the full base is covered with rocks and this is something that i didn't like much...
So i didn't use this basing again, except for one figure ,an Uruk-Hai captain that we'll see in the next post.
These figures were easy to paint and they are identical for a beginner.
      I've also tried my luck with this scratch built base for the figures so they can be displayed as a small
diorama.Painted in dark tones representing the dead lands of Mordor.
      I like it, but i don't thing that i will work again with cartoon as a base! Something made of wood or
 plastic would be much better!!

This post opens for Biblicrafts a whole new world of miniature modelling.The world of Warhammer gaming
and 28mm figures scale.I'm not a gamer but I like very much to paint and collect fantasy and LOTR figures.
I've bought a lot of these figures and paint some nice groups witch I attempt to present in forthcoming posts.

I Hope that you enjoy your time here and this post has been helpful somehow...