Saturday, June 8, 2013

Conte Collectibles - Vikings

      It's been very long time since my last post.Unfortunately, free time is a very difficult thing for me
to find these days.Although i will try to keep in touch at least once a month and upload some posts.
      Today i will present to you the first set of "Conte Collectibles" that comes to me some time ago.
A very nice detailed set of  "Vikings" battle figures.These figures are made in great historical accuracy
and the detail is excellent.
      On the other hand I have faced some problems with the material that are made of. This material
 is a very soft plastic ( Resin ? - I don't know what exactly ) and it bends too much and too easily....
 As a result of this, the paint on the figure is very possible to break on weapons etc.
      The solution i 've come up with is that, i used no primer ( cause it couldn't stuck solid on the figure)
and paint with one layer of acrylic as a primer.The acrylics have been absorbed better by the plastic
and so, when the figure was finished (with two or more light layers of paint) i had a more solid result.
     Of coarse i did not try to bend hard anything after finishing!!!

        I've decided to paint the trousers with the same colour for all the figures in order to look as the same
army's soldiers. Also for the clothing I used dark and dirty colours. I believe  that fancy medieval colours
and highlighting wouldn't fit to a dirty cruel viking army!! Humbrol No.62 has been used for all leather
 parts (belts etc).

                I've tried hard to straighten up this spear but it always turn back to it's starting position!!

                Here you can see the full project. 16 figures at total, or two sets of 8.

     One of the great things of this set is the shields!I really loved them!!! The wood sculpting is excellent!!

    Also a nice job has been done on the faces.I believe this was the first time i was satisfied with my work..

   The next time that an archer comes to me I will surely add some thin thread.It is very unreal without it...

     That's all folks!Thanks again for visiting my blog and i hope very much that you like it..!!!Please feel free
to contact for any matter.I would be very happy to help or answer to any question.
     Till' next time...See ya!!