Saturday, March 23, 2013

Airfix German "Waffen SS" Review

      Continuing the journey to my older projects, I would like to present here, another Airfix group
of soldiers. The figures are part of the classic "German Infantry" issue but , this time, painted in German
special forces colors,known as"Waffen SS".The references for the uniform was the classic "dot M44" camouflage colors.This camouflage was also on the "Panzer Grenadiers" uniform.


      Here you can see more realistic bases, with mud and dirt effect.Also a small attempt of weathering.
The figures are finished with matt varnish so they are not so "shiny" as my older attempts. This project is painted sometime during 2011....In the future I will paint a complete set of  "Waffen SS" including some
conversions I have in mind....

Thank you for reading this.........and...........see ya!!