Thursday, March 21, 2013

Airfix German Infantry Review

     Today I would like to show you my previous attempts on Airfix "German Infantry" figures.
One of the most common set of Airfix figures of the 70's.A lot of modellers had start their career
with this set and I'm one of those...
     I 've tried several times to paint figures from this set but the last time was about two years ago.
As you 'll see in the pictures below there are some mistakes in the uniform colors and there are no
weathering or shadowing techniques.

  Here is my first try.......
              sometime during 2009.....

.....I still like them......

      In the group below some things have been corrected ,but the trousers could fit more to Afrika Korps
rather than regular infantry!Although some shadowing has been applying on the jacket and looks good
with the insignia......Still no face details!


           In the near future i will try once again with these figures to make a complete set of this Airfix
issue, to a more realistic result.I have also try a conversion of these figures to Waffen SS but we will
talk about it in the next post.....

   Thank you for visiting my blog.....'till next time......see ya!!

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